Friday, October 11, 2019

October 7 - 11

This week at New Humble Centre School found us busy learning about Fire Safety as well as water safety.  We began our first week of swimming lessons at the LRC in Leduc.

We had a great time in the water, as well as out of the water!

Upcoming Events

Monday, October 14 - Happy Thanksgiving! No school today

Tuesday, October 15 and Thursday, Oct 17 - Swimming from 1-2 in Leduc, remember to bring your swimming gear.

***Please remember to check the school calendar.

*** If you are interested in ordering school apparel, please go to this link!

Have a great Thanksgiving Weekend with family and friends!

Friday, October 4, 2019

September 30 - October 4

Happy October! On Monday, Sept 30, NHCS celebrated orange shirt day. We talked about how Every Child Matters. The students all created a bulletin board in the gym stating why they are important and they matter.
On Wednesday, Oct 2 we had our first Early Dismissal of the school year! The Grade 1 & 2 class also participated in Safely on Board, learning all about bus safety.
On Thursday, Oct 3 we had our Spirit Assembly. The students were gifted Tonka toys for the sand box from the Parent's Group - these toys are getting a great deal of use! Thank you so much!
We also showcased our first edition of Panther Pride Television. This is our Student Spotlight, where students are interviewed each month. I will try to share this video here, but this week it does not seem to work. I will keep trying! Upcoming Events Monday, October 7 - Last day to bring in Food Bank Items Picture Day - October 8
Swimming will be starting also on October 8 and continue every Tuesday and Thursday until Nov 5.
Please continue to check the School Calendar. Have a fabulous weekend in the sunshine! Mrs. Harrison

Friday, September 27, 2019

September 23- 27

This week has been a great week at New Humble Centre School! As a brand new Panther, everyone has been so welcoming and patient with me learning their names! We have also had many great activities this week! Sixteen of our students represented us at the LDAA Cross Country Run in Wetaskiwin on Wednesday.
We also had a great School Council and Parent Group meeting on Wednesday evening! Our next meeting will take place on October 30 at 6pm in the Library. See you all there! On Thursday we had a great time, although it was a bit windy, during our Terry Fox Walk.
Please remember to check the school calendar for the upcoming events! ** Early dismissal is on Wednesday, Oct 2 - School is dismissed at 2:30 pm ** Reminder that there are LRC Passes that you can sign out from our school library! Thank you all for a great first week! Have a fantastic weekend! Mrs. Harrison

Saturday, September 21, 2019

September 23 - 27

Welcome to Mrs. Denise Harrison who will be Acting Principal of New Humble Centre until Dec. 20, 2019.  If you would like to meet Mrs. Harrison, please feel free to pop into the school to introduce yourself or come out to the School Council and Parent Group meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 25 @ 6:00 pm.  

Thank you to the Bakker Family for inviting the students and staff to their potato farm.  The field trip was very well organized, informative and entertaining.  Hopefully everyone had a chance to enjoy the potatoes your child(ren) brought home that day.

Cross Country Meet ~

On Wednesday, Sept. 25 Mrs. LaGrandeur will be taking the cross country runners to the LDAA meet in Wetaskiwin at Peace Hills Park.  We wish all the runners the best of luck!

School Council/ Parent Group Meeting ~

The next School Council and Parent Group meeting will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 25 at 6:00 pm.  All parents are welcome to attend.

Terry Fox Run ~

On again the whole school will be participating in the Terry Fox Run.  This will happen on Thursday, September 26 @ 2:30.  The run will start with a short assembly in the gym.  All parents, grandparent and siblings are welcome to attend!  Students are encouraged to bring a 'Toonie for Terry'. All money collected is donated to the Cancer foundations.  

Friday, September 13, 2019

Sept. 16 - 20

Thank you to everyone for making the first two weeks of school run so smoothly.  Students and staff are settled into a routine and are putting their noses to the grindstone!  Here are some pictures from the first day of school.

Thank you to the PTA for another successful Welcome Back BBQ.  Special mention goes to Alex teReitstap and Nick Martinoff for BBQing the hot dogs and hamburgers.  

It was wonderful having so many families attend the evening.  Here are a few pictures from the evening.

Bakker's Potato Farm Field Trip ~

The whole school will be going to the Bakker's potato farm to learn about the process of growing potatoes.  This field trip will take place on the afternoon of Wednesday, September 18.  Be sure to go onto your PowerSchool account and fill out the permission form.  There is no cost to the students.

Orange Shirt Day ~

Orange Shirt Day is taking place on Monday, September 30.  The school is placing a school wide order for orange shirts.  If you would like to order a shirt for your child you are able to do so by going onto your PowerSchool account.  The deadline to order shirts is Wednesday, September 18.  The shirts will be delivered to the school.

Welcome Back Professional Development Day ~

There is no school this coming Friday, September 20 as it is the Board's Welcome Back Ceremony and a Professional Development Day.  The staff will be spending the afternoon reviewing the Individual Student Plan process and English as a Second Language government requirements.  New staff will be learning how to use PowerTeacher Pro.

Verification Forms ~

Verification forms are now on PowerSchool.  Please be sure to go to your Parent Portal to check the form to be sure that all information is correct and updated. Please be sure that the email listed as the primary email is the one you would like to have information sent to.  Thank you for your cooperation with this.

Please find enclosed information from Zirka.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, September 2, 2019

Welcome Back September 2019

Welcome Back everyone to another exciting year at NHCS!  We hope that you all had a wonderful summer and are ready to get back into a routine and rigor of school.

I do realize that this blog post may be somewhat lengthy but please take the time to read through it as it highlights events and procedures for the entire year.

NHCS 2019-2020 Staff

Mrs. LaGrandeur - Gr. 1/2
Mrs. Hutchings - Gr. 3/4
Mr. Schaade - Gr. 3/4
Mrs. Martinoff - Gr. 5/6 & Counselor
Mrs. deMilliano - EA
Mrs. Micku - Librarian
Mrs. Austin - Secretary
Mrs. Hawkins - Principal

September Birthdays

Lynn Bakker - 1st

Bell Schedule for 2018-2019 School Year

8:10am - Busses Arrive & Supervision Begins
8:20am - Entry Bell
8:25am - Classes Begin
10:00am - 10:20am - Morning Recess
11:55am - 12:15pm - Lunch
12:15pm - 12:40 - Recess
1:45pm - 2:05pm - Afternoon Recess
3:15pm - Dismissal

The timetable can also be found on our website.

Early Dismissal

Early Dismissals for staff meetings will be on the 1st Wednesday of each month starting in October.  Students will be dismissed at 2:30pm on these days.

Monthly Assemblies

Our monthly assemblies will be held on the first Thursday of the month at 8:30am.  If your child will be receiving special recognition at an assembly you will be notified prior to that Thursday.  Everyone is welcome to attend the assemblies! We would love to see you there!

Please note that the September assembly will be the exception to this as we are having a Welcome Back Assembly on Tuesday, Sept. 4 @ 9:45.  Please join us if you are available.

School Fees

Grades 1-3 - $10.00
Grades 4-12 - $20.00

The BGRD technology access fee will cover a variety of new software tools for students. The first such tool is assistive technology software, this will help students by reading text on the screen from websites they visit and documents they create, listening to your work read back to you helps catch writing errors and having text read from other content helps with understanding. The program also provides word prediction for struggling writers, standard and visual dictionaries, highlighting and organization tools and speech to text abilities. A second new software application will be a self assessment tool that uses machine learning to provide writing feedback for the student to help improve spelling, grammar, sentence structure and provide suggestions for improvement. Lastly we will be providing creative publishing and charting tool to enable students to increase creativity and capability beyond a standard document or drawing.

Another use of the technology fee is for internet access. Our internet costs are increasing and a new contract by Alberta Infrastructure is greatly increasing the cost to school divisions. The funds will help manage that access, provide increased bandwidth for BYOED and improve protection for students accessing the internet.

Student Absences

For the safety of our students, it is extremely important to notify the school if your child will be late or absent.  If the school is not notified, we are obligated to phone your home or office to confirm the absence.  Students who arrive late must report to the office before going to class.

Alternate After School Plans

If your child will be going home in a different manner than what is typical, such as getting picked up by yourself or someone else, going with another parent, or not taking the bus, please contact the school and let us know of these arrangements.  Often times students think there is a change of plans when really there are none.  

If your child typically takes the bus and we do not know they are being picked up, it is our policy to send them on the bus.  We do not want to send a child home to an empty house so please let us know.  

Thank you for your cooperation in this manner.

School Visitors

For the safety of our students,staff, and visitors, all school visitors must first report to the office before going to another part of the school. 

Student Handbook

Please take a moment to review the student handbook with your child.  The student handbook can be found on our website under parents and students or by clicking here handbook.  The handbook explains things that are happening at the school such as our Emergency Procedures and student expectations.

Student Grades

This year NHCS will be using a new method of reporting student grades.  All grades will be live on PowerSchool.  That means that you will be able to access your child's grades at anytime simply by logging into your PowerSchool account.   As this is a new process for us, please bear with us as I am sure there will be some growing pains. 

Reports will be sent home twice this year - Jan. 30, 2019 and June 26, 2020. 

Please also check our Guide to Student Assessment and Achievement.  You can find the Guide on our website or by clicking this link Guide

If at any time you have questions about how your child is doing in school, please do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher.

School Apparel

School wear can be ordered anytime throughout the year from Entripy.  You can choose your style and customize your design.  Simply go NHCS School Apparel to shop for the latest school wear.

Mark Your Calendar 

Welcome Back BBQ ~

The Welcome Back BBQ will be on Wednesday, September 4 @ 5:45.  The event will begin with open classrooms at 5:45.  At 6:00 everyone will convene in the gym for introductions and the BBQ.  Election of new officers for the School Council and PTA will follow at 6:30.  All parents are welcome and are encouraged to attend the School Council Meeting.  

Terry Fox Run/Walk ~

On Thursday, Sept. 26 we will once again be having our annual Terry Fox Run/Walk.  We will start the walk @ 2:30 with a short presentation in the gym.  Please come out and join us!

Orange Shirt Day ~

Orange Shirt Day is an opportunity for First Nations, local governments, schools and communities to come together in the spirit of reconciliation and hope for generations to come.  Students and staff are encouraged to wear an Orange Shirt on Monday, Sept. 30 to honour Orange Shirt Day.

You have the opportunity to order an orange shirt through the school.  Shirts may be ordered through your cart in Powerschool.  This is completely optional.

The cost of the shirt is $12.75 plus .65 cents tax.  The deadline to order shirts is September 18, 2019.

Below is a picture of the 2019 shirt.